Cap'n Jack Impersonator & Event Host

Discover the closest thing you can get to Jack Sparrow without a restraining order from Johnny Depp!

``All I’m going to say is, when I hear Jack Sparrow on audio or see him on a screen, I think Logan before I think Johnny…``
- Kay L.


My Background

A lifelong Actor, Singer, Voice Actor and Nerd. I've always let my passions guide me.

Captain Jack was one of those characters that just captivated me. I always felt a sense of connection to the character, like I immediately understood him. The first time I tried to imitate him his voice just popped out of my mouth. My friends were shocked and I've been shocking everyone else with it ever since!

How do I do it? Well it's 50% natural talent and 50% spending a ridiculous amount on expensive custom pieces and accessories!

My Philosophy

I believe in more than just wearing the costume and sounding like the character. I always want to completely embody Captain Jack with every performance.

My Services

I offer a wide range of performance options for events, weddings, character appearances and digital services.

Please also contact for any charity related work.

``It’s amazing how accurate his portrayal and costume are- I thought I was working a legit Johnny Depp attended event when I worked the Vampire Pirate Ball.``
-Amanda M.

events and services

Cap'n Sparrow's Appearances

Cap'n Sparrow can make appearances or serve as an event host for several types of events and is sure to make it a night you & your guests won't soon forget!

Live Productions

Hire Cap'n Sparrow as a host for your theater, music, or live performance.

Private Events

Invite the Captain to make a special appearance at your birthday, anniversary, or special celebration of any kind!


Cap'n Sparrow can officiate your wedding!


Want Cap'n Sparrow himself to help promote your products at a trade show?

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Pictures From Shows and Events

Here are the pictures from my events